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What are Alpha Waves

Alpha waves are one of the categories of Brainwaves

Brainwaves are divided into four main categories, namely,

ALPHA - (7.5 - 13 Hz)

Relaxed but aware (meditation) or hypnogogic state.

BETA - (13 - 40 Hz)

Normal focused awareness.
Associated with conversation, complex tasks, and problem solving.
During a typical day an individual experiences all the brainwave patterns; however, Beta is the predominant one

DELTA - (0.5 - 3 Hz)

Deep sleep / unconsciousness.

THETA - (3.5 - 7.5 Hz)

Deep relaxation, light sleep.
Associated with deep meditative states, and "flashes of inspiration".

What do Brainwave-Patterns Look Like?

When do Alpha Patterns Appear?

An alpha pattern appears when an individual is wakeful and has a "relaxed and effortless alertness."

Consequently, this is an excellent state to maximise Creative Virtualisation, Auto-Suggestion, Hypnosis, Subliminal, and fourth-dimensional techniques.

What are the Benefits of Alpha Waves?

As an individual's Alpha waves increase, they feel less stressed and anxious. Consequently, this improves the strength of the individual's immune system (stress significantly impacts the immune system). Thus, improving your immune system will dramatically improve your Health and Longevity.
Additionally, if an individual wants to increase their "creativity," they should use techniques that increase their inherent levels of Alpha waves.
Many life coaches teach that if an individual wants to achieve "peak performance" in the various areas of their lives, they should learn how to increase their levels of Alpha waves.
Consequently, Nature sounds, with their inherent Alpha Wave stimulating effect, can be very therapeutic, and this is effectively used in our Programs.

How can I Increase my Alpha Wave Level?

It's Easy - all our programs promote relaxation and the naturally increased production of Alpha Waves.
Listen to the program of your choice, relax, and let your Subconscious Mind do all the work.
Our programs contain a relaxation technique that enables you to relax deeply and completely. During the relaxation process, you will enter an Alpha State with all its attendant benefits.
They also contain Voice, Music Ambience, Affirmations, Subliminal Elements in specific titles, and soothing Nature Sounds that communicate with your Subconscious Mind and help you create or attract all you desire.
Although this approach may be new to you, it is entirely safe and natural and is an effective way to increase your Alpha wave levels.
As you listen to your chosen program, visualise what you want, let go, and let your Subconscious Mind do the rest.

"The Alpha Sea" is a Subliminal Program that Specifically Generates Alpha Waves

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(Alpha Waves and Subliminal Messages)

Just relax through inaudible subliminal messages, soothing music ambience, natural alpha waves, and the dreamy sounds of the sea.

Use for drifting relaxation, meditation, and visualisation; or just listen on retiring and just drift into a good night's sleep.

Or simply lay back and just enjoy the soothing and relaxing effects of alpha waves.

The Alpha Sea - Subliminal Program

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