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Blue Water

Blue Water is created by placing "living water" (typically spring water) in a special "Bristol Blue" glass bottle, and exposing it to direct sunlight for the required amount of time (e.g. 20 - 60 mins).

Blue Water Photo
Blue Water - Note the the Blue Light

Correct placement of the bottle, during "charging", is confirmed by a translucent blue light/shadow being cast by the sunlight passing through the bottle and the water.

In consequence of "exposure" with direct sunlight, it is claimed that the water becomes "highly charged" and has "amazing healing properties".

Many people who have tried it, have called the Blue Water the "Fountain of Life".

It has also been said that drinking chilled Blue Water is like drinking "Pure Light".

It is suggested that the Blue Water be sipped while visualising the desired result.

Blue Water works in concert with the individual's "Genesis Field" and "Subconscious Mind", causing a resultant, and sometimes dramatic, healing effect.

Moreover, the healing effect can be enhanced by visualisation techniques (Hypnosis, Subliminal, Healing, Empowerment, 4-D, etc) which powerfully focuses the individual's Subconscious Mind on a Desired Result.

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