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Hering's Law of Cure

The author of the "Law of Cure" was Dr Constantine Hering (1800-1880); and the law states:

Healing starts from the top, the head, to the bottom,
from the inside to the outside,
from the major organs to the minor organs,
and in reverse order in which they presented
(Dr Constantine Hering)

In his research, Hering noted that when healing is effected the following takes place...

1) Symptoms of a chronic disease disappear in definite order, going in reverse, and taking about one month for every year the symptoms have been present

2) Symptoms move from the more vital organs to the less vital organs; and from the interior of the body towards the skin

3) Symptoms move from the top of the body downward

In other words, this is the way the body cures or heals itself - from the head down, from within out, from the major organs to the minor, and in the reverse order that the symptoms appeared or have been suppressed.

Hering believed that we do not "catch diseases", but we actually create them ourselves by breaking down our natural defences in consequence of the way we live, eat, drink, and think.

Hering also noted that is imperative to understand, and to follow his law implicitly to allow the body to eliminate the toxins we absorb on a daily basis and to heal.

Hering's Law of Cure can be analysed and understood as follows:

"from the top, the head, to the bottom…"

As healing process progresses, the individual will see evidence of this moving from the top of the body to the bottom (E.g. the individual might experience headaches, then back problems, and later tendonitis during the progression of a cure).

This process also confirms that healing moves from the "mental to the physical".

From an esoteric energy perspective, the crown chakra (representative of wisdom and spiritual connectedness) is situated at the top of the head, while the base (root) chakra (representative of our physical connectedness - how grounded and secure we feel) is situated lower down the body - base of pelvis.

This also illustrates how healing would progress from a mental to a physical level.

Thus the healing needs to travel down the body, through the various energy centres, thus effecting balance and cure from subjective to objective reality (spirit/mental to physical - subconscious to conscious).

"from the inside to the outside…"

Healing moves from "inner healing" to "outer healing".

Physically, the individual may find stomach/digestive problems heal before an apparent allergy, which shows itself in skin eruptions or inflammation.

Again, we can see healing moving from the mental, through the emotional, to the physical.

A thought pattern (inside) needs to heal, then a feeling (inside) manifests, which is part of the individual's emotions, and then the physical manifestations of those thoughts and emotions can then heal.

Again we see an Inner Healing to Outer Healing.

"from the major organs to the minor organs…"

Major organs to minor organs - healing first takes place in those organs that are responsible for the main processing functions of the body, such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, and the heart; and then in the minor organs, such as the bladder.

An example of the progression of cure from major to minor organs could be kidney problems, then a bladder infection, then painful urine, and then, final the cure.

As before, there are emotions involved with this as well.

"in reverse order in which they presented…"

Again, to take the example of kidney problems, these would perhaps first show as painful urine, which if ignored could turn into a bladder infection, and then evolve into the kidney problem.

This would be the progression of dis-ease; and the progression of cure would be in the reverse order, according to "Hering’s Law".

In other words, the symptoms which appeared first would heal last, and the symptoms which appeared last would heal first.

First the kidney problems would be cured, then the bladder infection, and finally the painful urine and a complete cure has been effected.

As before, emotions would also play a role.

Hering's Law of Cure and Orthodox Allopathic Medicine

Hering's Law of Cure is neither recognised nor used in orthodox allopathic medicine.

Consequently, orthodox, allopathic medicine believes that because the symptoms are "suppressed," the problem is cured; or by simply cutting out the tissue, or organ that is not functioning correctly, the problem will be solved.


From Hering's research and law, we gain valuable insight and guidance:

1) Toxin elimination is vital for the body to operate at an optimal level and to stay healthy

2) Hering’s Law is a valuable tool with which we can plot the progress of a cure, and to evaluate whether movement is effected; and if so, if that movement is in a beneficial direction

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