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The Universal Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction (LoA) is the concept that the universe is an infinite storehouse, and you "attract", or "become", that which you "think about the most".

Further, the "process of attraction" can be significantly augmented through complementary actions such as deep relaxation, meditation, channeling, focused visualisation, hypnosis, and subliminal entrainment, etc.

Does the Law of Attraction Really Work?

From my own observations and client feedback, I believe there is a valid principle here.

So, yes... "positive thinking", with "positive visualising" and "positive action", does promote "positive results".

In 1918, Charles Haanel published his revolutionary Law of Attraction work - "The Master Key System"

Thought results in action, if your thought is constructive and harmonious, the result will be good; if your thought is destructive or in harmonious, the result will be evil.

The importance of this is well illustrated in the lives of Emerson and Carlyle. Emerson loved the good and his life was a symphony of peace and harmony, Carlyle hated the bad, and his life was a record of perpetual discord and inharmony.
(Charles Haanel, c.1918)

Is the Law of Attraction a New Concept?

No...  Man appears to have always had an inbuilt understanding of the Law of Attraction, and it has certainly been featured in his belief structures and sacred writings:

For as he [man] thinketh in his heart, so is he...
(Holy Bible - Proverbs)

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.
(Jesus Christ)

Ask, and it shall be given you... For every one that asketh receiveth...
(Jesus Christ)

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

And this understanding is also Reflected in Secular Writings

Whatever your mind can conceive and can believe, it can achieve.
(Napoleon Hill, c.1937)

Mind is the master weaver, both of the interior garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance.
(James Allen, c.1902)

When any object or purpose is clearly held in thought, its precipitation, in tangible and visible form, is merely a question of time.
The vision always precedes and itself determines the realization.
(Lillian Whiting, c.1918)

The possibilities of thought training are infinite, its consequence eternal, and yet few take the pains to direct their thinking into channels that will do them good, but instead leave all to chance.
(Marden, c.1918)

We have discovered that premeditated, orderly thinking for a purpose matures that purpose into fixed form, so that we may be absolutely sure of the result of our dynamic experiment.
(Francis Larimer Warner, c.1918)

Is there a Single Approach to the Law of Attraction?

No... Today, we find countless LoA Gurus offering their Wisdom, Revelations, Secrets, Books, CDs, DVDs, Systems, Seminars, and Training Programs, etc

This is reflected in a Google Search carried out recently and using the keywords: "Law of Attraction", which resulted in more than 395 Million Hits.

So, Who is the "Primary Authority"  of the Law of Attraction Today?

Many people and organisations claim to be the "true" custodians of the "Secret" of the "Law of Attraction."

Nevertheless, shop around, evaluate the various claims and associated offerings, and find the Practitioner or System that you feel comfortable with; or to whom you have been "attracted".

A good rule-of-thumb is:

Ask and ye shall freely receive;

Rather than:

Ask, but ye must first pay before receiving...

Is the Law of Attraction a Secret?

Absolutely Not...The Law of Attraction is an open, simple, universal principle, which is available to all:

I am no longer cursed by poverty because I took possession of my own mind, and that mind has yielded me every material thing I want, and much more than I need... But this power of mind is a universal one, available to the humblest person as it is to the greatest.
(Andrew Carnegie, 1835-1919)

How can I tap into, and use, the Law of Attraction?

It's easy - Simply listen to the Program of your choice...

As you listen to your chosen program, it will guide you into a pleasant state of deep relaxation through voice, the soothing sounds of nature, positive visualisation, and dreamy music ambience.

In this hypnotic state, you will access, and reprogram your  to enable you to positively change your life, and attract all that you need, want and desire.

Some titles use subliminal elements to greatly enhance the process, and accelerate results.

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