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Question Everything - Believe Nothing

I firmly believe that our greatest attributes are the power to reason, to question, and to make self-determined choices and informed decisions.

Consequently, as you examine the information and offerings on this site, I want you to question everything, believe nothing, and then question everything a second time.

Don't take my word for anything - ever - we are talking about you, we are talking about your wellbeing, and how to dramatically improve your quality of life, and how to extend your life span.

These are serious issues, and they should not, and they must not, be treated lightly, or left in the hands of third parties - no matter how persuasive, or convincing they may be.

Therefore, carefully examine, scrutinize, probe, and investigate all the information, therapies, and recommendations that I present to you; and then be 100% happy about the principles, and their applications, before you consider using any of them.

It's All About You

You are indeed special and unique, and:

You are what you think!
You are what you eat!
You are the Sum Total of your Decisions, Choices, and Experiences to date!
You are the best you can be at any point in time!
Only you can change what you want to change!

And It's All in the Now

Make no mistake, we all live in the "now", so it is only in the "now" that we can focus our efforts.

I hope that I can help to get you started on your journey; but, it's you who have the savvy, the potential, the will and the drive to achieve the goals, the health, and the longevity that you want.

But It's Not New

"Sub sole nihil novi est" (there is nothing new under the sun), and this is true of all the things that are shared on this site - everything is already known, and is freely available.

However, by presenting you with the various threads, their correct relationships, and their application, you will develop the knowledge, and the understanding, to dramatically improve your wellbeing, your quality of life, and to extend your life span.

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