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Subliminal Wealth Programs

Subliminal Wealth Programs contain inaudible messages that are used to communicate with your subconscious mind (the 4th Dimensional You), bypassing the resistance and filtering processes of your conscious mind. As you listen to your chosen program, relax - visualise what you want - Health, Wealth, Success, Transformation, and Longevity - let go - and let your subconscious mind do the rest.

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Play Audio Sample S3035 - Wealth - Subliminal Affirmations - Rain and Birdsong
Play Audio Sample S3036 - Wealth - Subliminal Affirmations - Sea (Gentle)
Play Audio Sample S3037 - Wealth - Subliminal Affirmations - Sea and Piano (Gentle)
Play Audio Sample S3038 - Wealth - Subliminal Affirmations - Stream (More Vigorous)
Play Audio Sample S3039 - Wealth - Subliminal Affirmations - Stream and Zen (More Vigorous)
Play Audio Sample S3040 - Wealth - Subliminal Affirmations - Interleaved Sea and Stream (Intensive)

Subliminal Wealth Programs

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The  Subliminal Wealth Programs contain inaudible subliminal affirmations beneath the soothing sounds of nature and music ambience that re-program your subconscious mind (the 4th Dimensional You) to act in accordance with your innermost desires.

The subliminal affirmations communicate directly with your Subconscious Mind and help you to achieve all the positive results you want - Health, Wealth, Success, Longevity, and Transformation, through the Power of Thought-Force.

Subliminal programs can be used "standalone" or as a powerful adjunct and reinforcement to our voice guided programs.

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