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The Three Simple Rules

Jarrett's Three Simple Rules...

1) Read the list of what you want, three times each day: Morning, Noon, and Night

2) Think of what you want as Often as Possible

3) Do not talk to any one about your plan except to the Great Power within You, which will unfold to your Objective Mind the method of accomplishment

Jarrett Continues...

There is no need to analyse how this Power within you is going to accomplish your desires.

Such a procedure is as unnecessary as trying to figure out why a grain of corn placed in fertile soil shoots up a green stalk, blossoms and produces an ear of corn containing hundreds of grains, each capable of doing what the one grain did.

If you will follow this definite plan and carry out the three simple rules, the method of accomplishment will unfold quite as mysteriously as the ear of corn appears on the stalk, and in most cases much sooner than you expect.
(R H Jarrett)

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