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Universal Consciousness - Potential - Formless Substance

An important aspect of individual and collective-consciousness is the collective-potential, which can be expressed through the formless-substance that pervades within, without, and in-between every-thing; and it is through the formless-substance that all manifested reality comes into being.

Additionally, the collective-consciousness, with its collective-potential, has a powerful inherent drive to explore its full existential-self through the transformation of its potential into a physical experiential reality.

This is the very essence and purpose of an unfolding universe, which seeks to express and experience its own infinite potential.

Thus, the transformative ability of the collective-consciousness with its collective-potential is activated by thought-force, individual and collective, which is impressed upon the formless-substance. And this "impression" results, through the universal law of cause and consequence, in the manifestation of the corresponding physical-reality.

In "New Thought" texts, the authors refer to the ultimate expression of universal-consciousness and divine-nature in various traditional and contemporary terms. However, to maintain consistency in our Programs, the "collective-consciousness with its collective-potential and formless-substance" are the terms that are used, and these can be equated with any of the various authors' specific or traditional terms.

Thus, the unfolding universe is a great sentient and living presence, which is comprised of the collective-consciousness with its collective-potential. And everything in the unfolding universe is composed of the formless-substance, through which all things proceed into a physical and an experientially manifested reality.

Note: The term "The Universal-Consciousness with its Universal-Potential and Formless Substance", is synonymous with "The Collective-Consciousness with its Collective-Potential and Formless Substance".

Other Fourth-Dimensional beings include Non-corporeal Beings, Angel Guides, Spirit Guardians, Fourth-Dimensional Spirit Helpers, and those who have journeyed on ahead - again, these terms can be equated with any of the various contemporary or traditional terms.

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