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A5018 - Tranquil Healing Program 3 - Voice and Subliminal

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Tranquil Healing Program 3 (mp3 download)
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This Tranquil Healing induction program uses voice, music ambience (piano), and nature sounds (sea) to deeply relax you and then through guided visualisation your subconscious mind is empowered to invoke and augment a natural and gentle healing process.

Additionally there is an inaudible subliminal track which echoes the guiding voice - this subliminal approach dramatically increases the effectiveness of the program and effects direct communion with your subconscious mind.

Listen to the program daily, especially just before going to sleep, to deeply relax and to initiate the healing response that you desire.

The audible dialogue will guide you into a state of deep relaxation and through the guided visualisation you will invoke the power of your subconscious mind.

The parallel inaudible subliminal voice will greatly increase the effectiveness of the program as you are audibly guided.

For optimum results this program should be listened to in its entirety.

Even if you fall asleep during the program the desired positive results will still manifest.


This Tranquil Healing induction program contains audible and subliminal voice, music ambience (Piano), nature sounds (sea), positive visualisation, and you will be guided through the session.

You will also be guided through the session by a parallel inaudible subliminal voice

Listen to this program every day in a time and place where you can give it your full attention and have the freedom to thoroughly relax.

Never listen to this program while driving or operating a machine - it contains a potent relaxation technique that requires you to become deeply and completely relaxed.

Although this technique may be new to you, it is completely safe and natural.

If you are listening before sleeping (recommended), you will drift into a pleasant and restful sleep after the program ends.

Even if you fall asleep during the program, the powerful suggestions will still reach your subconscious mind, have a positive effect, and will manifest maximum results.

(Time +/- 40 Mins)

Example Affirmations

My subconscious mind has infinite power... to heal... and to rejuvenate my body... With every hour of every day... I attract more... healing and health... into my life... I am in full-control of my health and wellness...My body... and my health... are positively changing... for the better... in every way... Etc...

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Lay back and be guided into a healing, state of deep relaxation through voice, the drowsy sounds of the sea, positive visualisation, and dreamy music ambience. In this hypnotic state, you will access, and reprogram, your subconscious mind to enable you to stimulate dramatic healing changes in your body by simply replacing bad cells with good cells.

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