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Audio Samples

Hypnosis Samples include examples of Introduction, Instruction, Visualisation and Affirmation

Other Samples are taken from the Subliminal, Empowerment, Subliminal Wealth, Focused Healing, Healing Water and 4-D Program Ranges

These Audio Samples are in a lower quality format to minimise file size, and they do not reflect the high quality recording standard of the actual programs

For best results, listen through Headphones or Earbuds
(Low Quality Bluetooth devices are Not Recommended)


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(Health, Wealth & Success)

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(Health, Wealth & Success)

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(Achieving Goals)

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(Health, Wellbeing & Longevity)

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(Unlock Everything)

Play Icon Hypnosis - Introduction

Play Icon Hypnosis - Instruction

Play Icon Hypnosis - Induction

Play Icon Hypnosis - Visualising

Play Icon Hypnosis - Affirmation 1

Play Icon Hypnosis - Affirmation 2

Play Icon Projection - Name Totem

The Hypnosis Samples are taken from the Positive Change and Healing Relaxation titles, and give an idea of what can be expected with any Hypnosis Program.

The Projection Sample is taken from the Discover Your Name Totem Program.

Each program has specific Introduction, Induction, Visualisation and Affirmation segments, which relate to the title's Objective.

All these programs follow the format of a Voice-Directed Introduction, Relaxation Instruction, Session Induction, Associated Visualisation and Specific Affirmations.

None of these Programs contain Subliminal Elements.

Play Icon Subliminal - Sleep Well

Play Icon Subliminal - Just Relax

Play Icon Subliminal - The Alpha Sea

Play Icon Subliminal - Wealth - Rain

Play Icon Subliminal - Rejuvenation

The Subliminal Samples are taken from the indicated titles, and give an idea of what can be expected with any Subliminal Program.

These programs contain Subliminal Elements (see product pages for specific content) that communicate with your Subconscious Mind and help you to Achieve the Results You Want.

Play Icon Empowerment - Healing Sea

Play Icon Empowerment - Reviving Stream

Play Icon Empowerment - Chakra Relaxing

The Empowerment Samples are taken from the indicated titles, and give an idea of what can be expected with any Empowerment Program.

These programs contain Nature Sounds and Music Ambience, which work through your Subconscious Mind to Create the Desired Results.

These programs contain no Audible Voice or Subliminal Elements.

Play Icon Healing - Tranquil

Play Icon Healing - Enhanced

The Healing Samples are taken from the indicated titles.

These Programs contain combinations of Audible Voice, Nature Sounds, Music Ambience and Subliminal Elements. which work through your Subconscious Mind to create the Healing Results that You Want.

Play Icon Healing Water - Sea

Play Icon Healing Water - Stream

Play Icon Healing Water - Rain

These Healing Water Samples contain Nature Sounds under which a Subliminal Inaudible Voice reiterates the dialogues that are given in the various Voice-Guided Healing Programs.

This unique approach works through your Subconscious Mind, and Promotes and Augments your Natural Healing and Cell Replacement Processes.

Play Icon 4th Dimensional Programs

Unique Programs with both Audible and Subliminal Voices, under Nature and Music Ambience, to help you to Invoke Your 4th Dimensional Self and to Unlock Everything everything that you want.

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