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B1009 - Psychic Protection

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Psychic Attack

Choose Your Weapon

Part 1 - General Psychic  Protection Procedures - Chocolate, Milky Drinks, Amulet Protection, Egg Protection, Bach Flower Remedies, Aromatherapy Oil Protection

Part 2 - Candle Burning for Protection

Part 3 - Witch's Bottles  and Devices - Witch's Bottle, Garage Bottle, Protective Thread Bottle, Protection Shoe

Part 4 - Salt Protection - Personal Protection, Area/item Protection, Home Protection, Salt Cleansing/Protection

Part 5 - Pentagram and  Hexagram Protection - Pentagram Energy Gathering, Pentagram Salt Protection, Hexagram Salt Protection, Pentagram Projection to Deal with Psychic Attack  

Part 6 - Evil Eye Protection

Part 7 - Chakra Protection  

Part 8 - Binding Procedures - Letter Binding, Candle Binding, Poppet (Doll) Binding

Part 9 - Cabalistic Cross Procedures - Cabalistic Cross Basic Procedures, Full Procedures

Part 10 - Esoteric Pentagram Procedures - Lesser Invoking Procedure of the pentagram, Lesser Banishing Procedure of the pentagram

Part 11 - Procedure of the Middle Pillar

Part 12 - Tables of Correspondences - The Chakras, Aura Correspondences

Part 13 - Esoteric Implements

Part 14 - Relaxation Elements


The following material describes both mundane and esoteric procedures to deal with psychic attack.

Each procedure is fully described, and any specific requirements are noted.

Such procedures are very personal and the individual should adapt them to their individual needs and desired outcome.

No  claims or apologies are made regarding any of the procedures, and each is presented, "as is", in a simple and factual manner.

Psychic attack is a real phenomenon, and typically has malicious intent.

Symptoms of such attack include, but are not limited to:

-- Poor or interrupted sleep cycles

-- Insomnia

--  Nightmares or recurring disturbing dreams (often centred on a common theme)

-- Low energy levels and lethargy

-- Unable to concentrate

-- One or more of the five senses noticeably altered (hyper-sensitive or very dull)

-- Difficulty to focus one or both eyes

-- Difficulty perceiving what people are saying (can hear, but cannot decipher content)

--  Headaches

-- Nose bleeds

-- Constantly coming down with colds and flu

-- Aches and pains

-- Inexplicable digestive upsets

-- Unusual cravings

-- Sexual disorders or dysfunction

-- Cuts and wounds not healing

-- Tremors

-- Sudden onset of pathology (especially if there is no historical or life-style foundation)

-- Depressed

-- Feelings of psychological discomfort (ranging from general unease to absolute terror) when around certain persons or locations

-- Feelings of being watched

-- Feelings of negative external influences

-- Feelings of persecution

--  Paranoia

-- Feelings that one is losing a grip on reality

--  Noticing inexplicable bad odours

-- Noticing areas of inexplicable cold air

-- Noticing movement out of the corner of the eye, but when looking directly, the movement disappears

-- At night, shadows seem to move across a room (especially where the ceiling joins a wall

-- Unexplained marks or injuries on body

-- Out of character clumsiness

--  Protracted bad luck

-- Seems to constantly attract everything that is negative

-- Life and relationships falling apart

You might like to try the "Chakra Balancing" Hypnosis Program

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Lay back and be guided into a pleasant state of deep relaxation through voice, the restful sounds of a Zen garden, soothing music ambience, and positive visualisation. In this hypnotic state, you will be safely guided through the balancing of your chakras for vitality, health, and protection from negative energy.

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