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Brain Wave Frequencies

Brainwave frequencies, patterns of electrical activity in the brain measured in Hertz (Hz), play a significant role in our understanding of consciousness and mental activities. These frequencies, far from being mere numbers, are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of our minds, keeping us engaged and intrigued.
Campbell M Gold | 22 Jun 2024

The Smaragdine Tablet

Uncover the mysterious secrets of the Smaragdine Tablet and its significance in esoteric and alchemical practices. Dive into the enigmatic world of prima-materia and transmutation in this intriguing blog post!
Campbell M Gold | 16 Jun 2024

Predictable Life Cycles

At times, do you feel trapped? Wouldn't you like to win for a change? Wouldn't you want to recognise opportunities before they happen? Wouldn't you like to know when your power to achieve will be at its strongest? And wouldn't like to know which years will be your success years? Are there predictable cycles of life that an individual can use to guide their destiny? The answer is yes. Read on...
Campbell M Gold | 13 Jun 2024

Universal Life Cycle Duration Measurements

Discover how the planets can be used to measure the duration of life cycles in this insightful blog post on "Universal Life Cycle Duration Measurement." Explore the unique characteristics and movements of the planets and how they symbolize the regulation of energy flow and represent the dimensions and duration of experiences.
Campbell M Gold | 13 Jun 2024
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