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Personal Empowerment

And What of Empowerment?

It is said that our Genesis was in the sea - and its rhythms of ebb and flow are reflected and echo throughout our being.

That is why, within Nature, especially the Sea, Streams, and Rain, we find sounds that produce Calm and Positive Healing effects within us.

With this in mind, our Nature Empowerment Programs use those special sounds of Nature, with gentle Ambience to relax you and to transport you to that inner place where you can visualise what you want, and where your Subconscious Mind can be used to create all that you desire.

So, as you listen to your chosen program, simply visualise what you want and just let go.

The Empowerment Programs use elements of Nature Sounds and Music Ambience to help you to unlock and use the power of your Subconscious Mind to Transform your dreams into reality.

These programs do not contain Audible Voice or Subliminal Message Elements.

Nature Empowerment Programs
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Healing Relaxation

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This Special Edition Healing program (containing two inductions - Initial and Subsequent) will guide you into a state of deep healing relaxation through voice, the drowsy sounds of the Sea, Positive Visualisation, Affirmations, and dreamy Music Ambience.

In this hypnotic state, you will access, and reprogram, your Subconscious Mind to enable you to stimulate healing changes in your body by simply replacing bad cells with Good Cells.

Subliminally Stimulate Healing

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Just lay back, relax, let go, and through Inaudible Subliminal Messages, the soothing sounds of the Sea, and gentle Music Ambience, you will invoke and stimulate your body's Healing and Recuperative power.

This program can be used standalone or in conjunction with our Healing Relaxation and other Healing Hypnosis Programs.

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