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H3020 - Discover Your Name Totem - Voice Only Hypnosis

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No Subliminal Induction; No Subliminal Affirmations;
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Hypnosis Voice Only
Discover Your Name Totem - Voice Only Hypnosis (mp3 download)
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Lay back and be guided into a pleasant state of deep relaxation through voice only.

In this hypnotic state, you will be safely guided through the discovering of your Name Totem - that personified life-force energy that you vibrate with, can call upon, and can be personally strengthened and guided by.

For optimum results this program should be listened to in its entirety.

Even if you fall asleep during the program the desired positive results will still manifest.

This program does not contain any subliminal message elements.


The Discover Your Name Totem program contains only voice, and you will be guided through the special session.

Listen to this program in a time and place where you can give it your full attention and have the freedom to thoroughly relax.

Never listen to this program while driving or operating a machine - it contains a potent relaxation technique that requires you to become deeply and completely relaxed.

Although this technique may be new to you, it is completely safe and natural.

If you are listening before sleeping (recommended), you will drift into a pleasant and restful sleep after the program ends.

Even if you fall asleep during the program, the powerful suggestions will still reach your subconscious mind, have a positive effect, and will manifest maximum results.

Listening to this program at any other time also induces a state of deep relaxation, from which you will return refreshed.

(Time +/- 45 Mins)

Traditional Totems and their Strengths include, but are not limited to:

ANT - determination, group consciousness, patient, self-sacrifice, purposeful, industrious; ANTEATER - curiosity, smells out danger, creates solutions, finds that which is lost; ANTELOPE - intuitive, mental clarity, protective, empathetic, keen vision/eyesight, willing to sacrifice; ARMADILLO - sensitive, peaceful (hates aggression), grounded, trusting, reclusive, neutral, strong boundaries; BADGER - courage, healer, determined, confident, focused; BAT - rebirth, longevity, travel, good listener; BEAR - strength, solitude, focus, self-knowing, power; BEAVER - builder, industrious, determined, strong willed, leader, dreamer, operates at the subconscious level; BEE - communal, creative, able to achieve, organized, industrious, fertile, celebrates and enjoys life and freedom; BIRDS - individuality, freedom of expression, trailblazer; BOAR - prosperity, intelligence, spiritual strength, organised, balanced, fearless; BUFFALO - confidence to achieve goals, abundance, light and life, great strength, blessings, gratitude, consistency, stability, sacred; BULL - great strength and fertility, insight into the past, raw expression and creation, confidence, provision, drives forward; BUTTERFLY - change, love, transformation, balance, grace, higher consciousness; CAMEL - endurance, survival, accomplishment, adaptive, nobility of self and purpose, positive mind-set; CAT - esoteric, magic and mystery, clear perception, agility, independence, guardianship, sensuality, detachment; CHEETAH - insight, focus, brotherhood, self-esteem, moves and acts swiftly; COUGAR - awareness, courage, leadership, loyalty, foresight, takes responsibility; COBRA - swift and decisive, has power of life and death, transformation, links to the infinite and to eternity; COYOTE - intelligence, stealth, wisdom and folly, trickster, how to get free of a trap, skill, sees reality; COW - nurturing and growth, joy, patient, grounded, fertile, love of home, easy going; CRAB - lucky, unorthodox, relaxed and savvy, unpredictable and takes the alternative or unconventional route; CRANE - longevity, intelligent, vigilant, focused, independent, solitude; CROW - shape-shifter, magical, creative, spiritual strength, higher perception and sight, change; DEER - intelligent, intellectual, compassion, sensitivity, empathy, peace, gentleness, caring, graceful, femininity, the guide to adventure; DOG - loyalty, unconditional love, teacher, nobility, guidance, sensory perception, protective; DOLPHIN - communication, harmony, trust, salvation, wisdom, happiness, deep emotion, playful; DRAGON - longevity, prosperity, fertility, wisdom, power, mythic, understands the infinite (large and small); DRAGONFLY - carefree, revelator of paths to new worlds and freedom, imaginative, high aspirations, joy, transformation, potential to break free and to enter new worlds and ways; Duck - sees clearly, understands emotions, familiar of seers, affectionate, community oriented, water energy; EAGLE - divine spirit, connection to the universal consciousness, sacrifice, intelligence, spirit illumination, courage, freedom, spiritual balance, creation and renewal; ELEPHANT - strength, power, affection, intelligence, loyalty, wisdom, reliability, spiritual sense of history, royalty; ELK - Majesty, power, self-determination, ruler; FALCON - leadership, new beginnings, adventure, guardianship, prophecy, passionate; FISH - open mindedness, grace, fertile, lucky, happiness, life transitions, able to flexibly change mind and direction; FLAMINGO - psychic, healing heart, open and honest, has the power of illusion, flirtatious and colourful; FOX - agility, quick-witted, shape-shifting and invisibility, wildness, camouflage, new worlds, supernatural power, a  protector, cunning, feminine magic; FROG - abundance, fertility, sensitivity, traditional healing and natural medicine, transformation and rebirth, peace, adaptability, cleansing; GIRAFFE - flexibility, intuition, intelligence, intuition, clairvoyant, beauty, reaches for and achieves goals; GOAT - independent, aloof, diligent, confident and unafraid, lives in the now, virile, sturdy; GOOSE - no unfinished business, safe life journey, return to spirit (etheric) home, vigilant, productive, self-demanding, prudent, teamwork and fellowship; GORILLA - strength and power, wisdom, intelligence, family, protector, eco savvy, peace through aggression; GRASSHOPPER - very good luck, creative, progressive, forward and lateral thinking, virtuous, abundance; HAWK - has visions into the future, is self-determined in all things, lives by own rules, messenger, intuition, healing, recollection, guardianship, cleansing; HERON - self-determined, aggressive, self-reliant,  balanced, calm, independent; HIPPO - motherhood and birthing, routines, power, creation, imagination, healing, emotional depth, family protector; HORSE - friendship, freedom, power, stamina, travel, the land, grace, nobility; HUMMINGBIRD - finding joy in all circumstances, happiness, affection, love and light, messenger, timelessness, healing, warrior, energy and vitality, understands infinity; JAGUAR - shape-shifter, power, order from chaos, confidence, manifestation, aggressive drive forward; KANGEROO - drives forward relentlessly, creative, stamina, avoids danger, nurturing, generous; LION - authority, guardian, protector, personal power and energy, courage, strength, ferocity; LLAMA - endurance, curiosity, comforting others, secure, strong, adaptive, hardworking; LYNX - guardian of secrets, listener, guide, aware, intuitive, psychic, unconventional; MEERKAT - precise vision, intuition, courageous, community, feels with heart energy, defines limits and sets boundaries; MOLE - enhanced senses (physical and spiritual), guide, searcher, attracts hidden treasure, understands the underworld; MONGOOSE - courageous, protector/defender, defines limits and sets boundaries, cleansing, guided forward by the heart, rebellious, impulsive, authentic; MONKEY - ability to change the environment, health, success, understands duality and opposites (light and dark, spirit and mundane, etc), energy, curiosity, agility, swiftness; MOOSE - longevity, wisdom, steadfastness, self-esteem, primal feminine energy, headstrong; MOUSE -  innocence, scrutiny and eye for detail, order, super sensitive and aware, grounded, temerity; OCTOPUS - free-spirit, intelligent, traveller, camouflage, reclusive, nocturnal; OPOSSUM - intelligent, life-smart, sensible and grounded, group-minded, uses strategy and deception, surprising and unpredictable; OSTRICH - practical, grounder, understands truth and spiritual truth, strong sense of justice, avoidant, prone to denial; OTTER - curiosity, joy, playful, helpful, dynamic, friendly, love of young, sensibility without suspicion, sharing; OWL - magic, wisdom, can read the Akashic Records, intuition and insight, messenger, secrets, freedom, stealth, deception; OX - strength, magical, faith, self-denial, sacrifice, chastity, humility, enduring; PANTHER - valour, grace, swift action, protection, hidden emotions, careful decisions, caution, introspection, multi-dimensional; PARROT - guide to wisdom, prophesy, communication, verbosity beauty, language, mockery; PEACOCK - immortality, self-confidence, self-esteem, dignity, knowledge, beauty, refinement, sexuality, pride; PELICAN - responsible, resilient, unselfish, able to rise above adversity, friendly, responsible, engenders safety, camaraderie, bounty; PENGUIN - confidence, self-discipline, order, purpose, community-minded, grace, spiritual, change, agility; PIG - prosperity, intelligence, spiritual strength, organised, balanced, fearless; PIGEON - perseverance to achieve goals; PORCUPINE - imagination, innocence, curious, trust, companionship, good-natured, not-interference; PRAIRIE DOG - industrious, swiftness, preparedness, constructive, shares common goals, likes to have a secure special place to retreat into, family, stick-to-it-ness; PUMA - travel companion and guide to other worlds, mystic, grace and silent spiritual power; QUAIL - creator of harmony and group tolerance, protective (especially towards the young), group work and team player; RABBIT - artistic, creative, love, vigilance, fertility, joyful, lives by own wits, can displace fear; RACCOON - explorer, dexterity, curiosity, disguise, night vision, cleanliness; RAM - stoic, sensitive, imaginative, persevering, curious, adventure and power, new beginnings, change, life-force energy; RAT - intelligence, drive, wealth, success, fertility, stealth, scavenging, loves luxury; RAVEN - psychic, transformational, spirit messenger, free spirit, divination, expresses everything in freedom magical, self-realised, introspective, courageous; RHINOCEROUS - Wisdom, longevity, freedom, good judgement, insight, solid, stamina; ROOSTER - new beginnings, sexual prowess, persistence, honesty, strength, flamboyant, ambitious, has drive, cocky, eager, watchful; SALMON - proud, rebirth, spiritual desire, determined, wisdom, intense, confident, has the power to overcome and to achieve; SCORPION - death and rebirth, transforming, strong, inspiring, chaotic, passionate, altered perception, seduction, sexual energy; SEAGULL - creative, resourceful, creative, free spirit, opportunistic, versatile, loud, easy going, can be lazy; SEAHORSE - free-spirit, seeker of knowledge, traveller to new realms, confidence, grace; SEAL - balance, intuition, love, creative imagination, dreamer, very lucky, protects during any period of change; SHARK - saviour, guardian, prowess, perpetual motion and travel, hunter, survivor, always working and active, recognises warning signs; SKUNK - strength, presence, reputation, demands respect, sensual, steady, pacifist, relaxed and takes their time; SNAIL - sensitive, protective, intuitively aware, solitary, gentle and tender nature, healing, understands and responds to time and cycles; SNAKE - primal energy, impulsive, rebirth, transformation, shrewdness, rebirth, wisdom, healing, initiation; SPIDER - wisdom, balance, creativity, communication, understands cycles and seasons, crafty, fatalistic, protector, networker; SQUIRREL - planner, trust, preparedness, gatherer, awareness, prudent, resourceful, energetic, sociable, playful; STAG - nobility, monarch of the forest, masculine power of regeneration, giver and interpreter of signs; SWAN - dreams, transformation, beauty, elegance, love, soul aware and psychic, balance, innocence; TIGER - strength, valour, power, reservoir of energy, devotion, tactful, royalty, illuminated, unpredictable, passion, sexual energy, confidence and self-worth; TOAD - inner strength, very lucky, self-examines, makes informed decisions; TURKEY - virility, generosity, life-giver, sharer, abundance, blessings, pride, sacrifice; TURTLE - longevity, endurance, opportunity, strength, innocence, nurturer, shy, protective, patience; UNICORN - dreamer, purity, innocence, gentle, personal power to transform, gentle, spirit vision, unlocks other realms; WEASEL - strength, ingenuity, energy, wild and ferocious, aggressive, commanding; WHALE - wisdom, provision, intelligence, creation, awakening, sings the song of the spirit-self, kindness, deep spiritual awareness, nurturing, life navigator, good communicator; WOLF - freedom of spirit, discipline, loyalty, perseverance, kindness, spiritual, powerful need for freedom, often a loner; WOODPECKER - determination, sensitive, devotion, protective, psychic and prophetic, balance, able to progress through self-determination; ZEBRA - individuality, clarity of vision, balance, need of motion and travel, illusion, instinct, wild and a free-spirit, communal, social, playful.

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Lay back and be guided into a pleasant state of deep relaxation through voice, the drowsy sounds of the sea, positive visualisation, and dreamy music ambience. In this hypnotic state, you will access, and reprogram, your subconscious mind to enable you to develop and enhance your sixth sense, perceptions, problem solving ability, and natural power of intuition.

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