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B1001 - The Practise of Full-Conscious Projection

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The Practise of Full-Conscious Projection - Campbell M Gold - (pdf download)
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Full-conscious projection is a safe relaxation and visualisation technique that alters your awareness and enables you to transcend the physical plane, and to explore and exploit the higher levels of your consciousness.

Thus you can gain knowledge, confront experience, explore the pleasure of existence, and rationalise and evaluate your life experiences.

The Practise of Full-Conscious Projection, by Campbell M Gold, is the result of research and practise that spans more than twenty years.

It describes, in detail, the conducting of Full-Conscious Projection sessions; and if you are looking for a how-to-do-it approach, with ready-to-use dialogues, then this is the book for you.

Topics covered include using full-conscious projection to explore personal and collective memory, past lives, positive visualisation, hypnosis, meditation, intuition, astral projection, clairvoyance, alternative exploration, remote viewing, and improving health, wellbeing, and abundance.

The book develops a self-study approach, with guidelines and dialogues that can be used or adapted by the reader.


There are five basic reasons why an individual would use "Full-Conscious Projection": escape, knowledge, confrontation, pleasure, and critique.

1) Projection to Escape - the individual can escape the confinement, problems, and responsibilities of everyday life, and for brief periods explore and experience worlds that are radically different from the norm.

In the projected state, awareness is detached from the physical here-and-now, and planes, which otherwise would never have been known, are entered. However, the focus of Projection is to experience rather than to escape.

2) Projection to Gain Knowledge - using Projection, new information can be discovered, and existing knowledge can be corroborated or refitted.

There is an unlimited library (past, present, and future), called the "collective consciousness" (also called the "Akashic Record"), that can be explored and experienced using Projection.

New insights and wider perspectives can be found on any subject imagined, or dared to be imagined.

Using Projection, new horizons are discovered, and the individual's understanding of their existence is deepened.

With the acquired knowledge, problems can be solved, and a higher quality of life developed.

3) Projection to Confront Experience - Projection is an act of engagement and participation.

It is also a conscious act of discovery, clarification, and experience.

Full-Conscious Projection enables an individual to explore an infinite range of experiences and possibilities that would otherwise remain out of reach.

The individual observes unobserved, and resolves emotions and problems that could not be explored comfortably under normal circumstances.

By approaching "situations" using higher consciousness, physical and emotional challenges can be safely faced, understood, and resolved.

4) Projection for Pleasure - sometimes it is good to relax and just drift in the flow of life.

Projection facilitates the experiencing of beauty and harmony for its own sake and in its own setting.

This is the perfect medium for the aesthete to create a world reflecting the highest aspirations of individual and society.

Sensitivity and creativity are enhanced, through Projection, to a depth that the pleasure of existence is experienced at levels far beyond anything on the physical plane.

5) Projection as a Critique - in addition to escapism, knowledge, confrontation, and pleasure, Projection can be used as a critique to clarify, understand, rationalise, and evaluate life-experiences.

Explanations can be formulated external to the limiting constraints of the physical plane, and the individual can rise above the mundane, finding answers to their questions.

In other words, using projective-reflection and analysis, the individual expands intellectually and emotionally, and develops a better understanding of identity, motivation, and personal responses to life.

Therefore, whatever the reason for Projection, the sessions described within the text can be readily adapted to suit the Client's specific needs.

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