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Your Experiential Bodies

The o.e.v (Ordo ex Veritas), and associated practitioners, centre their attention upon the existence of the individual, and upon the celebration and expression of the individual's life.

From observation, research, and analysis, man has been identified as a complex being, consisting of three parts:

1) Consciousness - the unique existent essence of the individual (traditionally called the 'soul') - 4th Dimensional Reality.

2) Spirit-form - the subtle experiential body, which houses the consciousness, and through which the consciousness experiences the conscious, mental, and etheric planes (traditionally called the 'Spirit' or 'Spirit Body') - 4th Dimensional Reality.

3) Physical body - the physical experiential body, through which consciousness experiences the physical plane - 3 dimensions and 5 senses (traditionally called the "Body of matter") - Three Dimensional Reality.

These facets of the individual's nature represent the complete expression of his being, and are the elements of the composite vehicle through which our journey to the physical world is made and whereby the physical world may be experienced.

Consciousness is the ultimate centre and essence of the individual's being, and this is expanded by experience accrued through the associated spirit-form and physical body.

There are various universal experiential-planes in which the individual operates, namely the physical, etheric, mental, conscious, and source planes. Each plane is experienced through the associated body.

Within o.e.v symbolism, the term "consciousness" has two possible meanings:

1) When it is referring specifically to an individual, it means the "ultimate centre and essence of being"

2) All other references relate to the power of "perception" and the "ability to perceive"

Planes of Experiential Existence

The physical plane contains the physical universe, and is experienced through the individual's physical body (taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing).

The conscious, mental, and etheric planes make up the spirit world, which is perceived through the spirit-form.

The spirit-form is a composite of the conscious, mental, and etheric bodies.

Conscious and mental bodies can only perceive the spirit world, whereas the etheric body actually experiences it.

Finally, there is the source plane that exists above the spirit world.

This infinite plane is the origin of every-thing, and the source and sum of all consciousness.

However, because the source is every-thing in infinite balance, it is also the "No-Thing" where every-thing converges.

The following table summarises the various facets of our existence, and includes both o.e.v Existential and Traditional Terms:

Facets of Existence
Traditional Terms
(Physical body)
I Sense
Earth (Plane)
Body of Matter
3 Dimensional
(Etheric Body)
I Feel
Etheric Plane
Etheric Body
4th Dimensional
(Mental Body)
I See
Astral Plane
Astral Body
4th Dimensional
(Conscious Body)
I Move
Mental Plane
Mental Body
4th Dimensional
(No Body)
I Am
Celestial Plane
Note - The Physical and Etheric Bodies are Experiential in Function, whereas the Mental and Conscious Bodies are Perception-Only in Function

Experiential Bodies

Bodies and Awareness

The Esoteric Consultant explains that to Experience the various Planes of Existence, the individual uses the appropriate Awareness Facet of the Associated Experiential Body as follows:

First Level Awareness is Physical, and through the Physical Body, sensation as taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing is conveyed into the individual's consciousness. "I Sense" are the keywords related to this level. This is an experiential perspective.

Second Level Awareness is Emotional, and the Etheric Body (the inner layer of the spirit-form) conveys passions and feelings into the individual's consciousness. "I feel" are the keywords related to this level. This is an experiential perspective.

Third Level Awareness is Mental, and through the Mental Body (the middle layer of the spirit-form), cognitive vision is conveyed into the individual's consciousness. "I see" are the keywords related to this level. This is a perception-only perspective.

Fourth Level Awareness is Consciousness, and the Conscious Body (the outer layer of the spirit-form) enables the individual's perception to move unrestricted through space and time. It is from this level that "Conscious Projection" is achieved, and "I move" are the keywords related thereto. This is a perception-only perspective.

There is a Further Level, called the Source, which exists beyond the Fourth Level. However, at this level, awareness is that of Complete Consciousness -  "Existence"' in "Infinite Completeness", and there is no associated body. Only the essence of "Being" is perceived, and "I Am" are the keywords related to this state. This is a perception-only perspective.


Each of the four levels (Conscious, Mental, Etheric, and Physical Level) is perceived through the Associated Body, and consciousness is expanded accordingly.

The complete experiential body is a composite of the Physical Body and the Spirit-Form (Etheric, Mental, and Conscious Subtle Bodies).

The Physical World is sensed through the Physical Body, and the Spirit World is sensed through the Spirit-Form.

Emotions are experienced through the Etheric Body, Cognitive Vision is perceived through the Mental Body, and Consciousness is projected via the Conscious Body.

Genesis Field

The Genesis Field is a manifestation of the Life-Force that animates the Physical Body (See "Bodies" above).

It also interfaces the Physical Body with the Spirit Body, and promotes a survival instinct that is independent of higher will.

In other words, you cannot easily "think" yourself to death.

At physical death, the Genesis Field ruptures and collapses, and consciousness moves from the Physical Body and centres in the Spirit Body.

Adapted from The Jongleur's Song - Final Refrain, by Campbell M Gold

A copy of The Jongleur's Song - Final Refrain can be Obtained Here

The Jongleur's Song can be Viewed Here

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