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B1007 - The Jongleur's Song - Final Refrain

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The Three Dimensions of Being

By reaching within, the individual discovers the three dimensions of their being:

EXPRESSION - The individual expresses "that which they are" - a unique infinitesimal reflection of the source.

PERCEPTION - The individual perceives "that which they are" - a unique infinitesimal reflection of the source. However, they also perceive other "expressions" of the source (i.e. other individuals), external to themselves, "that which the individual is not".

DESIRE/WILL - The individual desires to explore, experience, and to unify with and to expand "that which they are" by "that which they are not"; and "desire/will" is the driving force.

The Experiential Bodies

The o.e.v explains that to experience the various planes of existence, the individual uses the appropriate awareness facet of the associated experiential body...


This is the final haunting whisper, and gift to you, of the Ordo ex Veritas (order of reality), and reveals, for the first time, and the last time, the  origin, philosophy, hidden texts, keys, and initiations of the o.e.v.

There are four principle stumbling blocks to comprehending truth,
which hinder well nigh every scholar:
[1] The example of frail and unworthy authority,
[2] long-established custom,
[3] the sense of the ignorant crowd,
and [4] the hiding of one's ignorance under the shadow of wisdom.
(Roger Bacon) - brackets added by editor

In the following material, the esoteric message of the o.e.v is presented; and man and his existence was ever the central theme of the o.e.v. As you read this material let go, and let your subconscious mind react to the messages and guide you in better understanding yourself.

If  you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things.
(Rene Descartes)

So, What was it all about?

To be what we are, and become what we are capable of becoming is the only end to life.
(Baruch Spinoza)

Man and his existence was what the o.e.v was all about...  man and his existence...

For man is indeed a dreamer of dreams,
and only he is author and finisher of his destiny...
(Campbell M Gold)

As with all my writings, I present only the facts for your consideration; and I hope that you will find something that strikes a special chord within you.

Thus  it is written, and thus shall it be...
and in your ear...
I gently whisper...
"Ne Obliviscaris" (forget not)...


The last Neophytes of the o.e.v commenced their journey as initiates of Veritas  in the summer of 1967; and in the Summer of 1974 only five remained, and they were sent forth into the world:

The Five Who Went Forth:
-- The  Magician - Earth - To Sense
-- The Healer - Water - To Feel  
-- The Teacher - Fire - To See
-- The  Seer - Air - To Project
-- The Confirmer - Veritas - To Bear Witness

And that was it - each of the five knew that the others existed.  

However, each worked and practiced alone, and never was contact made, nor desired...

And then there was only one left... The Confirmer... The Last Practitioner...

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