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Creating Health, Longevity, and Protection in Your Life

Creating Health & Longevity

There are no incurable diseases!
(Christian D Larson)

It is abnormal to be sick; it simply means you are going against the stream of life and thinking negatively.
(Dr Joseph Murphy)

We have carefully examined and followed the health precipts of Larson, Murphy, and relevant others, and have created special Audio Programs to help you in the attainment of Health and Longevity:

The Healing Relaxation Program

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(Hypnosis to invoke and augment a Natural Healing Process)

This comprehensive "Flag-Ship" Healing Relaxation program consists of audible Initial and Subsequent Inductions, and uses Music Ambience and Sea Sounds to deeply relax you; and then, through guided visualisation, your Subconscious Mind is empowered to invoke and augment a Natural and Gentle Healing Process.

Listen to the program daily, especially just before going to sleep, and the audible dialogue will guide you into a state of deep relaxation, and through the guided visualisation you will invoke the incredible Healing Power of your Subconscious Mind.

Even if you fall asleep during the program, the desired positive results will still manifest.

This program does not contain any Subliminal Elements.

Healing Programs

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(for Health, Wellbeing, and Longevity)

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(for Health, Wellbeing, and Longevity)

Christian D Larson contends that all disease comes from the "violation" of one or more of the "laws of life", and consequently all diseases can be cured by bringing the mind and body back again into harmony with those laws that have been violated - and with this in mind, we developed our selection of Healing and Water Healing Programs.

Our Healing Programs contain a unique combination of Voice Directed Hypnosis, Nature Sounds, and Inaudible Subliminal Message Elements to promote and augment your Natural Healing Processes - and the results can be startling.

Even if you fall asleep during a program, the results are the same.

The advanced digital recording technique uses multi-tracked and interleaved sound-segments (Voice, Music Ambience, and Nature Sounds), in conjunction with Inaudible Subliminal Message Elements.

However, our programs are completely safe, and the listener is fully conscious and in control at all times.

Subliminal Programs

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(To help achieve the Positive Results you want)

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(To help attract the Wealth and Materiality you want)

The Subliminal Rain and Subliminal Wealth Programs contain Inaudible Subliminal Elements beneath the soothing sounds of Nature and Music Ambience that re-program your Subconscious Mind to act in accordance with your innermost desires.

Subliminal Elements include Inaudible Induction Dialogues, Lessons, and Positive Affirmations which communicate directly with your Subconscious Mind to help you to achieve the results you want - Health, Wealth, Success, Transformation, and Longevity through the Power of Thought-Force.

Subliminal Programs can be used "standalone" or as a powerful adjunct and reinforcement to the Voice Guided Programs.

The Inaudible Subliminal Elements (Inductions, Affirmations, etc) are the same as the Audible Elements (Inductions, Affirmations, etc) which are used in the equivalent audible voice guided title.

Creating Longevity

Would you like to Double Your Lifespan?

It's all here in - How To Live Twice As Long


With correct understanding and application, it is believed that an individual could live to 5 to 7 times their maturity age; and that is what this book is all about - Doubling Your Lfespan!

So, if you are interested in a simple, no hype, no proprietary product, no "revealed secret" approach to Good Health and Longevity, then this is the book for you.

Four Simple Keys to Health and Longevity

In How To Live Twice As Long, Four Simple Keys are revealed, that when correctly applied will promote Longevity, and will Empower the body to Overcome Disease.

Each key can be applied individually, and will produce positive results; however, it is only when all Four Keys are used together in concert that the result of Longevity, with Better Health, is fully manifested.

Within the book, you will be given the Four Keys and their application, and you will be able to unlock the Health and Longevity you desire.

Everything discussed is kept simple and straight forward, and the various remedies presented are freely available through good health stores and can be easily and safely self-administered.

Review Our Healing Programs

Creating Protection

Do You ever feel that your Energy is Low, or that you Need Protection?

Psychic attack is a real phenomenon, and typically has malicious intent.

If the answer is "Yes", Then "Chakra Balancing" is Recommended

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If you have low energy, or feel that you need some protection, then the Chakra Balancing Hypnosis Program is recommended.

With this program, you just lay back and are guided into a pleasant state of deep relaxation through voice, the restful sounds of a Zen Garden, Positive Visualisation and gentle Music Ambience.

In this hypnotic state, you will be safely guided through the Balancing of your Chakras (your body's energy centres) to create Vitality, Health, and Protection from Negative Energy and external projections.

Balanced Chakras result in Maximum Vitality, Health, and Protection for the individual.

Conversely, distortion of any of your Chakras, through Physical, Emotional, Mental, or Conscious Trauma, will reflect as a distortion (pathology/dis-ease) in the associated area of your physiology.

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