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Newsletter Vol 10 - The Science of Being Great

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The Science of Being Great

Wallace D Wattles

THERE is a Principle of Power in every person.

By the intelligent use and direction of this principle, man can develop his own mental faculties.

Man has an inherent power by which he may grow in whatsoever direction he pleases, and there does not appear to be any limit to the possibilities of his growth.

No man has yet become so great in any faculty but that it is possible for some one else to become greater. The possibility is in the Original Substance from which man is made.

Genius is Omniscience flowing into man.

There are undreamed of possibilities in the common lives all around us in a large sense, there are no "common" people. In times of national stress and peril the cracker - box loafer of the corner store and the village drunkard become heroes and statesmen through the quickening of the Principle of Power within them.

There is a genius in every man and woman, waiting to be brought forth.

Every village has its great man or woman; someone to whom all go for advice in time of trouble; some one who is instinctively recognized as being great in wisdom and insight.

To such a one the minds of the whole community turn in times of local crisis; he is tacitly recognized as being great. He does small things in a great way.

He could do great things as well if he did but undertake them; so can any man; so can you.

The Principle of Power gives us just what we ask of it; if we only undertake little things, it only gives us power for little things; but if we try to do great things in a great way it gives us all the power there is.

(Wallace D Wattles)

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