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Vintage Books to help you explore and create Health, Wealth, Success, and Longevity, through the Power of Thought-Force and your Subconscious Mind

The Texts are produced as a Zipped PDF files, unless otherwise noted, for which a Download Link is given following purchase

Our Hypnosis, Subliminal, and Empowerment Programs are Founded upon the Techniques Expounded in these Original New Thought Texts

B2001 - The Master Key System - Haanel - 1918

B2002 - The Science of Getting Rich - Wattles - 1908 (The book that inspired The Secret, by R Byrne)

B2003 - The Science of Being Well - Wattles - 1910

B2004 - The Science of Being Great - Wattles - 1911

B2005 - The Game of Life and How to Play It - Shinn - 1925 (Reflected in The Secret, by R Byrne)

B2006 - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Murphy - 1900s

B2007 - How to Stay Well - Larson - 1912

B2008 - The Power of Thought - Hamblin - 1920 - (The secret behind The Secret, by R Byrne)

B2009 - Eight Pillars of Prosperity - Allen - 1911

B2010 - How to Make Money - Austen - 1918

B2011 - Supreme Personality - Fun in Living - Croft - 1915

Public Domain Note

These items have been compiled from material in the United States Public domain. Consequently, the item's actual content is free; and any price tag relates to the cost of gathering, reconstructing, editing, and the online storage of the item

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